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Our tribute to the grande dame of cannabis: Michka® Feminized is a tall-growing, seductively scented sativa. It’s not a strain for novices as it requires lots of tender loving care. The beautiful flower clusters and the energetic high compensate for the long flowering time.

Sensi Seeds created Michka® at the same time as Eagle Bill®. During our breeding work, we noticed a special phenotype that immediately grabbed our full attention: elegant, tall, and with a delicious citrus scent. We soon came to the conclusion that we needed to retain and perfect this line.

The result is a superior sativa, a cannabis strain that truly deserves the name Michka®. The feminized variant produces exclusively female plants, saving growers the effort of combing out male plants at the start of the flowering stage.

Michka® Feminized growth pattern

These plants grow quickly. They show little lateral branching, which can be an advantage depending on where they are grown. Michka® Feminized cannabis seeds produce very tall plants so require sufficient vertical space. What’s the answer if the growing room doesn’t have sufficient ceiling height? A Screen of Green (SCROG) may help in this case. This strain also responds well to other methods such as Supercropping or Lollipopping.

Seeing a fully-grown Michka® flower outside is a very special experience. Outdoor growing requires a warm climate with long summers.

Like many other sativas, Michka® Feminized has a long flowering time: reckon on 70 to 85 days. Towards the end of the flowering phase, the plants are completely covered in succulent buds. We have seen examples where the stem was invisible because there were so many buds on it.

The thick, compact, light-green buds are quite unusual. Michka® Feminized produces loose buds with a structure a little reminiscent of popcorn. Because the spiral-shaped growth structure provides ample ventilation, the buds are well protected against mould.

Effect, flavour and smell of Michka® Feminized

Sativas are popular for their effect. Rather than the indica stone that can leave you chained to the sofa, they produce an energetic, uplifting high where everything seems possible. Michka® Feminized is the prime example of such a high. Because it encourages creativity, this strain is perfect for writers, musicians, painters and photographers. One drag is all you need to banish negative thoughts! This weed is not suitable for smoking before you go to sleep.

Even a few weeks before harvesting, Michka® Feminized gives off a complex aroma. A blend of citrus fruits delights the nose. When smoked or in a vaporiser, this potent weed has an even stronger citrus flavour, but also tastes deliciously sweet.

Did you know?

  • Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, known as an activist, author and publisher, has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the cannabis industry. Michka is an old friend of ours; we are very proud and delighted to dedicate her own cannabis seed line to her.
  • If you prefer regular cannabis seeds, we also offer Michka® Regular, of course.

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