Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized Seeds

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Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid. Its genetic heritage includes an undisclosed CBD strain, giving it a THC / CBD ratio of 2:1. The plants have striking, dark green leaves, and grow to average heights. They also produce incredibly large yields, especially with a little extra attention. Growers will be able to cultivate them in both temperate and continental climates. The effect is blissfully relaxing, with a hint of cerebral uplift.

Launched under a code number as part of the first Sensi Seeds Research project in 2019, this strain proved to be such a hit with our cannabis community that we chose to add it to our permanent Sensi Seeds catalogue.

Growth pattern of Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized cannabis seeds are a sativa / indica hybrid. Like the mother plant (our own Black Domina), the plants have a striking dark green colour, and have been developed using an undisclosed CBD strain. This has resulted in a THC / CBD ratio of 2:1.

The seeds are feminized, something that’s very beneficial for less experienced growers. All the plants they produce will flower like females, which means there’s no need to identify and remove unwanted male plants.

Gardeners can expect an average flowering period with this strain, and won’t need to wait too long before harvest. The plants also grow to an average height, and don’t require much room to flourish, either indoors or out. They form plenty of buds, which results in extra-large yields. This can be maximised with a little bit of additional care.

Appearance-wise, the most noticeable thing about Satin Black Domina Feminized is the colour: a rich deep green that appears almost black in certain lights. The central cola is typically sturdy and thick, as you’d expect from an indica-dominant strain. The plants can be cultivated in both temperate and continental climates, and also thrive when grown indoors.

Effect, taste, and smell of Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid with CBD genetics. This CBD influence is evident in the resulting effect, though the scent and taste are more in-line with the parent plant, Black Domina.

Upon consumption, users report a sense of pleasant relaxation, combined with a hint of uplift and creativity. The aroma of the plants is peppery and fruity, with a hint of hashish. This usually grows in strength as they near harvest-time, and carries through to the taste, when the earthy Afghan tones come to the foreground.

In a nutshell

  • The plants have an average flowering time, and grow to average heights
  • Growers can anticipate enormous yields from this strain, particularly with care and attention
  • The taste and scent are hashy and peppery, with notes of blackberry and earth
  • Thanks to the CBD genetics, the high is pleasantly relaxing and not too overpowering
  • The THC / CBD ratio is 2:1
  • As a feminized strain, cultivation is much easier for novice gardeners

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